Thursday, 14 January 2016

Calling all scientists, Calling all scientists!!!!

HEY HEY HEY !! the date is January 7th 2016 !!!!! AHHH HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Our first official day back at st wolstans. The TYs are joining with the second years to take a trip to THE BT YOUNG SCIENTIST EXHIBITION in the RDS. We left ealry in the morning around 9:15 and we all boarded onto the bus. We soon arrived and we were frozen. We received our tickets/ wristbands and scurried as quick as we could inside. SCIENCE SCIENCE EVERYWHERE. We went straight to the science and technology zone where we explored different sections and and observed different projects. That's mainly how the day went. Exploring the centre and observing projects. There was the always great dance piano which my friend and i challenged ourselves with, there was the 3d section, the funny photos booth, the mind tricks, the technology zone, the gaeltacht booths and many more. We also went to visit our good friends science projects as they were part of the exhibition. We are very proud of them. It was a great day with my friends and i really enjoyed it :)

Monday, 11 January 2016

A secret surprise, Lets hit the ice !!!

HEY HEY HEY !! The date is 21st of December and the TY's are heading out for one final surprise of the year. Alongside their teachers, Mrs Leonard and Mrs McMahon, TY's class Merkel and Lagarde are about to hit the shops and skate like the ballerinas they were born to be. We arrived at the school at 9:05am for roll call and soon after we all hopped on the bus. The excitement  was real as we were all singing and laughing on the way to Blancherstown shopping centre. We arrived at around a quarter to eleven as the traffic was bad and we straight away hit the shops. My friends and I spent alot of time shopping and window shopping, I bought some lovely new clothes and my new favourite cream scarf. We had a lovely lunch in KFC and soon enough it was one a clock. We all met up outside dunnes stores and soon we were walking together to the large lovely ice rink across the road. We arrived inside to find that we would have the ice rink to ourselves which made us very excited. We put on our skates and we were so eager to get onto the ice that we all raced to it.I love ice skating, I absolutely love it so I was really excited about today. A few of my friends had never been ice skating before so I was teaching them how to keep their balance and how to skate but sometimes I was a little too fast and they went slipping and sliding all over the place. An hour passed, as if every time i skated a full circle a minute passed. I was the time keeper. I managed not to fall which I was quite proud of. Once we were finished, we all grabbed our stuff, packed our skates and away we went to the bus. It was a fabulous day and I'd love to go again :)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Merekel meets Mary Poppins, A practically perfect performance

HEY HEY HEY !! The date is December 16th and the TYs are heading to a
Practically perfect performance. Mary Poppins, the one and only. We all arrived in school at around 10 am for the Christmas carol service. after a lovely service we all headed for the bus. on the bus we shared some songs especially some Disney and soon enough we arrived to the Board Gas theatre. We had an hour to explore the grounds so many of us went to nearby shops to buy a quick snack. Afterwards we went inside and found our excellent seats. Soon we were surrounded by the beautiful voices of the cast. the opening number was amazing and it set the Ecstatic atmosphere. Singing, Dancing, and the costumes it  was all so fantastic. the first half was filled with many beautiful songs and dances. And the second half certainly didn't disappoint with Bart 'stepping in time' upon the walls and the one and only Mary Poppins paying us a quick visit in the audience. An outstanding performance and a lovely memorable day with my fellow TY Peers.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The school bank.

Hey Hey Hey everyone. Something very exciting has happened in Ty (aswell as many other exciting things), The school has opened a school bank. It is sponsored by the bank of Ireland and it has a team of management. Two weeks ago the bank of Ireland sent the info to our teacher and sent us an application form. A number of Tys applied and Tuesday of last week the interviews began. I had mine at twelve o clock. I was quite nervous but excited aswell. Two member's Of management from the Bank of Ireland came and gave us the interviews, they were very nice and welcoming. Two days later on Thursday I found out I got the job I went for, The sales and marketing manager. I was so happy and still am. Now alongside my team, we plan on making the bank a huge success and achieving our goals in order to win the rewards offered to the school, members of the bank and to us. This Monday the 7th of December will be our bank launch day and we hope it will be a stunning success. Hope you all get a chance to come down and open your own account and see what exciting surprises lye in store for you. This is such an amazing opportunity and I already love the job. I look forward to all the exciting tasks to come our way very soon.

hey hey hey, its Amber day :)

Hey Hey Hey everyone, Today has been a very exciting day. The date is December 4th but in our school it was better known as Amber day. Over the past three weeks or so the students of TY and the the religion teachers have been working extra hard to make this day a huge success. The aim of Amber day was to promote mental health and positivity around the school as well as work towards getting the schools Amber flag. The students have been making posters, noticeboards, decorations, going around the classes spreading the word, and more as preparation for this day. We had different committees such as PR, Events, Noticeboard, Website, and more.  Each group had a job to do in order to make amber day a success. as well as those groups there were also committees for the day itself. We had the face-painters, The bake sale group, The positivity fairies and the Buskers as well as the website girls getting pictures of the day and presenting the new website for us.. Each student played their part and in result, making the day a huge success. The TYs arrived dressed in Amber the morning of the fourth and headed straight to the Library. We set up the chairs into a circle and sat down. Four girls from Ty went and gave the morning announcements and then played some music. Afterwards we got together with our positivity posters and emoji's and took some pictures. It was really great fun. After little break we began decorating the library and writing down positive quotes as well as discussing mental health and giving examples of how to deal with stress. Then the positivity fairies went to all the first years and most of the third years to hand out amber friendship bracelets. Sadly we didn't have enough for the entire school but its the thought that counts. When we returned we began setting up the hall for the bake sale and the library for the face-painters. Soon lunch rolled around and amber day fully began. The whole school got involved and I could see hundreds of girls with their faces painted eating cake wondering the school which made me quite happy. The buskers in the first year mall were excellent as they sang for the school. Absolutely beautiful. Before the end of lunch half of The tys were to go to the mill for Pe the rest stayed back to clean. It was a excellent day and a huge success. hopefully we made everyone's day a little more positive. I really enjoyed this day and everything about it. I hope the school did too. Ive already heard some lovely feedback which has made me feel proud for all of us. Stay positive everyone and have a great day <3

Thursday, 3 December 2015

hello there ..... MR PRESIDENT

HEY HEY HEY. Another amazing trip with ST Wolstan's. The date is October 8th and the Ty classes have taken a trip To the lively streets of Dublin. Alongside our English teachers Mrs Brogan and Mrs Holmes we take the bus the our capital city. Our first destination was the National Library of Ireland where we would visit the Yeats exhibition. We split into two groups. We headed into the Library and explored the Yeats exhibition. Every aspect of his life, From birth to death and everything in-between was there on display. As you may have guessed we have been studying Yeats and his poetry in School so attending this exhibition has definitely been of benefit. Not only educational but it was also great craic. My friend and I were walking around and we had a great laugh as we walked into the dark room and thought we were being chased by a ghost. We also ended up standing behind the screen where the movie was playing and the security guard thought we were part of the movie hahah.
 As we were about to leave the exhibition the security guard at the door told us the president was about to arrive. We all quickly assembled into a line ready to introduce ourselves to the president. He arrived  alongside his wife, The general and some security. Sadly he was in a Rush so it was a quick meet and greet. Looks Like we weren't the only ones visiting Yeats today :). We left the library and headed towards the Wold War One exhibition across the road. Inside we explored the room, Listened to some music and got an exclusive insight one World War one from the security guard.
We walked back to the Library so we could meet the rest of The Ty class. As we waited on the street just after they arrived the President came outside and we got a big group picture. He was very nice and his wife also talked to us for a few minutes. Then they were rushed into the car and drove away. We were all very happy. It was now time for lunch and we were given time to explore Grafton street in search for some lunch. My friends and I went for a lovely McDonald's. We then went to get some Ice cream. Just before we were too meet with the year group again we spotted a band plying some music at the end of the street. We all gathered around and started singing and dancing along. Our own mini dance mob. Tourists were recording and the band was cheering. The whole year group had joined in aswell as many other tourists and fans. The atmosphere was electric and it made the day. We started walking towards the national museum of Ireland for our final tour. As we walked people cheered and clapped, some football fans ran over to us with the Irish flags cheering, it was quite entertaining. We explored the museum and the bog bodies. I really enjoyed them and found them quite interesting. There was another school there  too and we were chatting for a while.
After a very exciting day we found our bus and went home. It was a lovely day.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Merkel To Kilkenny

HEY HEY HEY, back again to tell you about the tales of class Merkel. The date is the 24th of September and class Merkel was about to take an unforgettable trip to the great county that is Kilkenny. We arrived at school for 8:45 and once again we were gone by 09:10. A two hour bus journey filled with beautiful scenery, lots of singing, treats, selfie time and stories. My friends group and I were on the mini bus meaning we were all together and shared a good laugh on the bus. The green fields, the sun brightly shinning. the sky clear water blue, it was like a perfect summers day. We arrived in the beautiful town, Kilkenny co. Kilkenny. We passed many beautiful sights including the gorgeous Kilkenny castle which was a destination we were later to visit that day. We got off the bus and began our walk to Odeon cinema not far from where we were. We passed by the Kilkenny town market and said hello to the people of the town. The beautiful mouth watering smells of fresh bread made me instantly hungry, the sights of chocolate and goodies increased my hunger and finally the mouth dropping sights of the fresh picked strawberries at the fruit an veg stand made my taste buds tickle. We continued our stroll through Kilkenny town and eventually made it too Odeon cinema. We bought our popcorn and goodies and in we went to our own private screening of 'The Song of the sea'. The atmosphere was electric as everyone was so excited about being there and for the movie. ahead. Suddenly, the lights switched off leaving us all in a pitch black room that was so warm it was as if we were inside a heater. 'Bom Bom Bommmmm ' played the opening add as all of our attention fixed onto the screen. The movie began and we were dead silent as we wanted to focus on the movie. Beautiful, colourful images appeared on the screen as the movie was beginning. The story was told and I can safely say it was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen and to know it was made in my home country makes me feel so proud. After watching the mythical movie and sharing a few laughs and tears with my classmates we set out to Kilkenny castle where we were to be taken on a tour of the production of 'The song of the sea ' movie. It was a real privilege We got back into our groups of ten and while one group was given the tour the rest of us were given the freedom to explore the grounds of kilkenny castle. Some pictures and selfies were taken of course and then as a group like the children we are we headed to the playground. Such a laugh I had with my classmates it was great.Then it was time for our tour. In we go and we were introduced to our tour guide who was one of the artists and producers for the movie. It was amazing. They gave us a step by step run through of how the movie was created, the inspiration, the time, the colours, the drawings and the hard work that goes into making the was such an amazing experience and one i wont soon forget !!! especially walking into the last room and seeing The Great Seanacha√≠ sitting there haha. One of my most favourite trips i hope future TYs get to experience such an amazing trip. <3